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Calculate the pressure that ccl4 will exert at 40 of 1.00 mol occupies 28.0 L, assuming that

(a) CCl4 obeys the ideal-gas equation
(b) CCl4 obeys the Van der Waals equation.

(a) PV = nRT
P = nRT / V

(b) (P + n^2a/V^2)(V - nb) = nRT

CCl4 =

a = 20.4 L^2-atm/mol^2
b = 0.1383 L/mol

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    You have not said if the temperature is 40 C or 40 K. In either case, they have given you the equations and the numbers to plug in, to solve for P

    Why not finish the problem yourself? You are the one who is supposed to be getting an education.

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    Its 40 C. Therefore, the equations are right then. Okay thanks

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