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I forgot to include these other sentences. I just would like to know if all the shops are possible. Thank you.

1))A: You sound angry. It’s nothing. (That’s nothing is possible? But not: there is nothing important.)
2) Someone (and not: Nobody) told me you are going to Paris.
3) I would live (better: I would like to live) in Sidney or New York because both of them are big cities with a lot of people that live there.
4)There is chaos (They are chaotic?), traffic and a million people that move in one minute. They are also friendly (?) cities where you can enjoy yourself.
5) My town is a quiet place which offers all comforts (?). It is very relaxing.
6)The tales consist of interlinked stories told by different pilgrims. Despite it (?) (better However,) the reporting pilgrim is Chaucer himself.
7)Is there anything wrong with you? What’s the matter with you? You look pale.
8) In my town there are three hairdressers', two fishmongers', three stationers', a tobacconist's, two newsagents' and a grocer's. There is also a hardware store, a confectioner's, two bakers', a delicatessen shop, a chemist's, two drycleaners' and many clothes shops.
In particular, there is a knitwear shop, one children's wear shop, two womenwear shops and a menswear shop.

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    1. "That's nothing OR It's nothing" and even "there is nothing important OR It's nothing important."

    2. either

    6) Nevertheless (another choice)

    8) hairdressers, fishmongers, stationers, tobacconist, nwsagents and a grocer. UNLESS the 's is followed by a noun, such as, store.


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