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Two sides of a triangle are 5 and 8 units respectively. If the included angle is changing at rate of one radian, at what rate is the third side changing when the included angle is 60 degrees?

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    One radian is not a rate. It is an angle. Look at the problem statement again.

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    drwls is right, you must have left out the units of time.
    (e.g. ... is changing at a rate of one radian per minute )

    In that case, use the cosine law equation as your starting point

    let the third side be x and the angle be Ø

    x^2 = 5^2 + 8^2 - 2(5)(8)cosØ

    2x dx/dt = 0 + 0 + 80 sinØ dØ/dt

    from the original equation, find x , then sub in the given values

    pretty easy after that.

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