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A man weighing 500 newtons sits in swing suspended with two ropes if each rope makes an angle of 30 degree with the vertical, what is the tension in each rope?

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    well, each rope is holding half the weight.

    I see the following trinagle: cos30=1/2 weight/ tension

    tension= 250N/cos30

    check that diagram.

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    T1*sin(90+30) + T2*sin60 = -500*sin270.
    0.866T1 + 0.866T2 = 500.
    T1 = T2. Replace T2 with T1.
    0.866T1 + 0.866T1 = 500.
    1.732T1 = 500.
    T1 = 288.7 N. = T2.

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