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``(please show the steps to how the problems were solved)
Using exact values, find the value of:

A.12sin 30 degree - 6 tan 45 degree + sec 45 degrees/ 52

B.Sin2A + tan3A/2 - cos A + sec(a+ 15), when A=30degrees

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    draw the triangles 1,sqrt3,2 for the 30/60 triangle; 1,1,sqrt2 for the second
    I assume you can do that.

    12(1/2)-6*1+sqrt2/1 /52 I don't know what the/52 refers to, there are no parenthesis.

    on the second, it is not clear to me if 2A is and angle, it is sin^2 (A). You have to use parenthesis in math.

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