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The names and ages for each person in a family of five follow:
Name Dick Jane Kirk Jean Scott
Age 40 36 8 6 2
a. What is the mean age?
b. Find the mean of the ages 5 yr from now.
c. Find the mean 10 yr from now.
d. Describe the relationships among the means found in
(a), (b), and (c).

  • math -

    a. (40 + 36 + 8 + 6 + 2)/5 = ____
    (It will not be an integer)
    b. If everybody's age increases by 5, so does the average
    c. Apply similar logic
    d. If everybody's age increases by N, so does the average

    Since we are dealing with a fractional average, the ages should have been given to the nearest tenth year. The computed average is probably low. A person who is "6" for example, could actually be 6.9 years old.

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