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5th grade math

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ms. sue can you help me with another problem? whatnis the median of the following number? 24,99,101,93,14,29?

by the way can you please!check my last problem that you posted to me an hour ago here is my answer is 20 the median

  • 5th grade math -

    Please study the answer I gave to your last post.

    Then, YOU try to find the median for this problem. I'll be glad to check it.

  • 5th grade math -

    I am work a problem change .7 to hundreds. I think the answer is .07. Am I right and how can I check my answer

  • 5th grade math -

    hey i don't like math at all so i was wondering if you can do this below

    mode:15 minimum:5 median:10 maximum:20 and i don't even know where to start

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