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What is the standard form of

a. x=2y=0
b. x-2y=8
c. 2x-y=10
d. -3x+2y=0

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    i honestly think it is c. its the only one that makes sense.

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    I appreciate trying to help, but please work out the problems to show how the answer is reached. (It also helps to check your work).

    Standard form of a line is ax+by = c, with a, b, and c integers.

    y+2 = (1/2)(x-4)
    Distribute the (1/2).
    y+2 = x/2-2
    Multiply by 2 to make the coefficient of x an integer.
    2y+4 = x-4
    2y-x = -8
    x-2y = 8

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