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What Groups benefited/didn't benefit from the Economy in the 1920's. I tried wikipedia and various websites all day,but no help. Can anyone answer this question without giving me links? I would really appreciate it!

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    n the 1920's there were many patent submissions so patent attorneys did a lot of business. Henry Ford used his buying power to set up discount grocery stores for his employees. With increased incomes, those in urban areas profited more than those in rural areas. Many people bought on credit and at first there were no credit card processing fees.

    Even in the economy of today, we can readily see what happens when people buy on the installment plan and overspend. Also, the impact of the end of World War I was beneficial to the economy.

    However in the southern states, the African Americans had poor wages and the KKK made their misery worse. Even in the cities, many black families lived in ghettoes. Also the share croppers had to rent the land they farmed and when they could not pay, they were evicted.


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    Thank you so much!

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