algebra check + help please?

posted by Allyson

How do I solve this?

-90>( with an line under that sign) 4T

I think you flip the sign or something? I'm not really sure..
Could someone please help?

  1. drwls

    If you divide or multiply both sides of an inequality by a positive number, you do not flip the direction of the sign.

    In your case, divide both sides by 4 and you get
    -22.5 > T
    which can also be written
    T < -22.5

    (I left out the underline because I am too lazy to look up how to type it with ALT+ keys).

  2. Allyson

    Thank you.. do you happen to know how I would graph this?
    on a numberline?

  3. drwls

    Only the parts of the line to the left of -22.5 are solutions. Maybe they want you to show a heavier line there; I don't know the recommended graphical rules in your case.

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