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Statistics and Probability

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it has been estimated that about 30% of frozen chickens contain enough salmonella bacteria to cause illness if imprperly cooked. A consumer purchases 12 frozen chickens. What is the probability that the consumer will have more than 6 contaminated chickens?
A) .882
B) .961
C) .039
D) .079

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    prob of causing illness = .3
    prob of not causing illness = .7

    so you want
    prob(7of 12will cause illness) + prob(8of 12will cause illness)+ ... + prob(12of 12will cause illness)

    = C(12,7)(.3)^7(.7)^5 + C(12,8)(.3^8)(.7^4) + ... +C(12,12)(.3^12)

    you do the button pushing.

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    Thank you Soo much!

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