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2 forces acting at a point make angles of 25 and 65 degrees respectively with their resultant which has a magnitude of 150 N .Find the magnitude of the two components.

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    The two components lie on opposite sides of the resultant. Call them a and b. Let a be the vector that is 25 degrees from the resultant.

    Then these two equations must be satisfied:
    a cos25 + b cos65 = 150
    a sin25 - b sin65 = 0
    a/b = sin65/sin25 = 2.1445
    1.9436b + 0.4266b = 150
    This leads to b = 63.39 and a = 135.95
    The units of a and b are Newtons, since we are adding forces with reulstant 150 N.

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    Want to be cleared about magnitude in vectors.

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