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English 1

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Revise the mixed sentences so that the beginning of each sentence fits logically with its end. If sentence is correct cirle it.

1. By showing babies plain, black-and-white images will help them learn to recognize shapes and focus their vision.

2. Babies can see their parents’ faces but will not respond with a smile until they are a few weeks old.

3. Babies may gaze intently into a small, unbreakable mirror attached to the inside of their cribs.

4. While following an object with her eyes is when eye coordination develops.

5. Because of a newborn’s limited ability to see color forces him to focus only on bright colors.

6. The reasons babies occasionally cross their eyes is because they are perfecting their tracking skills.

7. Whether a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, a typical baby does not need complete silence in order to rest well.

8. The fact that newborns can vary dramatically in their sensitivity to sounds and ability to sleep in noisy environments.

9. The reason that a two-month-old baby turns her head toward her parents’ voice is because she is beginning to recognize familiar sounds.

10. Through changing his facial expression indicates he may find a particular sound soothing or comforting.

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    There are quite a few that are still incorrect. What did they originally say? That way, we will know how to better help you.

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