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Does my poem below have these things "explain why it is where it is on the periodic table, what element(s) it might combine with to make a compound/molecule, and finally, WHY it would interact with that other element"

Here is the Poem Below:

“What’s your element my name?”

“My elements name is….
That’s my elements name comes from fluorum, “to flow”,

“How are you placed on the periodic table?”

“My family is the periodic table,
My symbol is F, and my row is 2,
I’m in group number 17,
My atomic number is 9 as same number for the number of protons and electrons,
My atomic mass is 3 more than a fifth of Bromine.”

“Why are how placed, like that on the periodic table?”

“The periodic table of the chemical elements is table with the chemical elements,
Arranged with its properties we have.”

“Are you a metal, non-metal, or a metalloid?”

We are known as the nonmetals cluster,
Sometimes my homies and I are called the halogen gang.

“What are your Physical Properties….Fluorine?”

My atomic mass average is 18.9984
Did I mention my race?
Like a rotten banana, yellowy-brown,
I melt at is-363oF,
I get toasty at -306oF,
Obviously my standard state is a gas.
And when I react, my oxidation number goes….

“What’s an atom, Fluorine…?”

“Well…you are talking to an atom right now!”
An atom is the basic elements of anything,
We consist of protons, neutrons and electrons,
Protons are always with positive thinking,
Electrons are with negative thinking,
Neutron has to charge of thinking.”

“What elements, you might combine with to make other compounds/molecules?”

My elements and its compounds are used in producing….
Uranium and many fluorine chemicals,
This compound Hydrofluoric acid is used for etching the glass,
Fluorochloro-hydrocarbons are used in air conditioning and refrigeration.
I am also mixed in with water for drinking water,


To prevent dental cavities in,

“Why would this interact with this other elements?”

Humans like to do many experiments on us
They had created other generations of me

“How is that?”

“Well…Hello “Fluorochloro” and “Hydrofluoric”
They always have my name in some sort of way.
Humans just don’t mix me in other elements
They combine all type of elements.
When we get combined with each other, we are called,


“Where can I find you?”

Alone as a gas, I’m a poison; but don’t worry:
My 10 neutrons are usually shared in a hurry
With hydrogen, carbon and H2O, too,
Non-Metals and even the decent gas crew.
You can find me in acids, in toothpaste, in salts, and

But mostly, you will find me doing the CFC waltz.

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