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(1) if the second and fourth term of a G.P are 8 and 32 respectively,what is the first term? (i need a practical solution please.)
(2)the eleventh term of an A.P is 25 and its term is 3 find common difference? (also need practical solution.)
(3)given the sequence 0.04 to 25,find the number of terms.(practical solution).
(4)if the 2nd and 5th term of a G.P are 6 and 48 respectively, find the first 4 terms.(practical solution.)

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    1. 8, and 32 are Base 2 numerals:
    8 = 2^3, and 32 = 2^5.

    V = 2^(n + 1) = Value of term.
    n = term#,

    The value of 4th term:
    V = 2^(n + 1) = 2^(4 + 1) = 2^5 = 32.

    The value of 2nd term:
    V = 2^(n + 1) = 2^(2 + 1) = 2^3 = 8.

    The Value of 1st term:
    V = 2^(n + 1) = 2^(1 + 1) = 2^2 = 4.

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