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Child: Doggie
Adult: Yes I see a doggie
Child: Doggie
Adult: Oh yes! See the doggie run in the street

The preceding script exempliries an instructional strategy called:
a. repetition
b. redundancy
c. storytelling
d. progressive matching
I chose "a" repetition can some one please check it for me. thank you

2. The instructional strayegy that worksbest to give a child from a culturally different background a sense of security & mastery is
a. recounts
b. repetition
c. using an intermediary
d. eventcasts
I chose "c" using an intermediary
Can some one please check it.

3. For children who are learning English as a second language, context-embedded activiies enhance:
a. written lnguage
b. child-child socialization
c. vocabulary development
d. assimilation into the mainstreamculture
I chose "c" vocabulary development
can someoneplease checkit for me

  • Diversity -

    1. I believe it would be c., progressive matching. The adult repeats the single word said by the child and then adds to it.

    2. I agree.

    3. I agree.

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