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I need help trying to figure out how to even begin an essay.

Write in the perspective of a Pennsylvania farmer in the 1700s.
- The philosophical ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence.
- The similarities and differences of the philosophies in the Article of Confederation and the Constitution and how each of them affects your assigned role.
- Based on your character, choose one major argument FOR the ratification of the Constitution that your character would support. Then, choose one major argument AGAINST the ratification of the Constitution that your character would support. Based on the two arguments, would your character support the ratification of the Constitution.

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    First: Outline your answers to the prompt.

    Second: Using the outline, write the body of your essay.

    Third: Write your introduction and conclusion.

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    Ms. Sue, how should I begin to try to find answers for these points.

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    Study your text materials -- especially about the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. If necessary Google each of these documents.

    Then, think about the needs of the Pennsylvania farmer. Would he favor states' rights or a strong federal government? Why?

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    Thank you for the start.

    One last question....what is a philosophical ideal??

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    You're welcome.

    A philosophical ideal is a standard of perfection. It may exist only in the minds of people, but it is a goal that people strive to accomplish.

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