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The answer I get for the problem

3 1 4
_____ - ____ = ___
3x-9 x-3 9 is 4/0 which

is undefined. Am I doing something wrong or could this answer be right?

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    First of all, if you label the School Subject as MATH (for example) a math teacher will read and answer your post.


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    The answer I get for the problem

    3/3x-9 - 1/x-3 = 4/9 is 4/0 or undefined. Am I doing something wrong or could this answer be right?

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    3/(3x-9) -1/(x-3) = 4/9

    That is equivalent to 0 = 4/9, which is not true.

    There is no x that satisfies the equation. In other words, there is no solution

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