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I need help making a four page newspaper on the play, The Crucible, by Monday, December 20. Please help?

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    What is your question on it?

    I would look at what things newspapers have in them and add them. Your front page has the biggest news stories. Use that to include the resolution to the conflict in the play. Include a part for the reader to read the background story on page 2.

    You can also include:
    --an editorial section with letters to the editor from different characters.
    --comic strips about the play's events. (Would Garfield have any smart alec remarks towards John about the play?)
    --games, such as a word search or crossword puzzles related to the play.
    --personal ads from the characters. (I do not know the play, really. Would someone be seeking a new lover after the villain died?)
    --classified ads for objects used in the play for sale.

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    My question is mainly asking for help on how to start it. I know about the play and I have read it over and over, I just can't get any ideas on what to write and how to make it interesting, but also fun.

    Thanks for your input though :)

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