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make a conjecture (obsevations based on patterns) for each sequence below.

  • Math -

    All except d) seem obvious.

    What conjectures have you made?

  • Math -

    can u just tell me in sentences? i do not know how to put them into words.

  • Math -

    a) Add three to each number to get the next number in the sequence.

    What sentence can you write that will describe b ?

  • Math -

    ya i cant describ things very well and a) was easy
    i think i got c)
    c)starting with two and ging up by multiplying wach new # by 5

    i cant figure out the rest

  • Math -

    You're right about number 2. But please proofread.

    4 * ? = 44
    44 * ? = 444

  • Math - Correction -

    I made a mistake on b.

    It's easier than I thought. What is the obvious relationship between those numbers?

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    it has a 4 added to it every time. but it just doesnt sound right because 4+4 is 8 not 44 so what other word can i use?
    * sorry its *going and *each
    and d) is like 1*2=2, 2*3=6, 6*7=42, 42*43=1806, 1806*1807=3263442
    but i do not know how to put it into words.

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