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a 70 kg object sits without sliding on a horizontal platform that rotates at a constant rate of one revolution every 6 seconds about a fixed vertical axis. The object moves on a circle of radius r=2m. If meu is now .4 what is the max distance from the cetner that the object can occupy to rotate with out sliding?

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    You don't need to know the mass or initial radius to answer your questio.

    The angular velocity remains
    w = 2 pi rad/6 s = 1.047 rad/s

    I assume that waht you call meu is the coefficient of STATIC friction, which is what matters here. I will call it mu.

    The maximum no-slip radius R when rotating at angular velocity w is given by the relation:
    Max. no-slip friction force = centripetal force

    M*g*mu = M*R*w^2
    The mass M cancels out.

    R = g*mu/w^2 = 3.58 m

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