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Copper sulfate is a hydrated crystal with the formula CuSO4*5H20 and a deep blue color. when its heated, the crystals crumble and turn white. (a) propose an explanation for this change of color.
(b) what would you do to restore the blue color?

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    (a) might be the result of a chemical change of properties
    and i don't know (b) freeze it?

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    When heating a crystal of CuSO4.5H2O, the crystal suffers a loss of H2O and leaves a grey colored powder. What might you do to restore the crystal> Place it in a closed vessel with water (in a separate container) and the dry CuSO4 will absorb the water (from the water vapor) it lost when heated and the blue color will return.

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    a) ask your teacher
    b) go on YouTube so they can give you a lesson

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