3rd grade Shurley English

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Please help classify each word in the following sentence:

Put some cheese slices and bread on your plate.


  • 3rd grade Shurley English -

    invisible you-subject
    some- indefinite adjective
    slices-noun (direct object)
    and-coordinating conjunction
    bread-noun(direct object)
    your-possessive adjective
    plate-noun(object of preposition)

  • 3rd grade Shurley English -

    All are correct. That is very impressive for third grade level.

  • 3rd grade Shurley English -

    The responses were not by the 3rd grader, only the question was.

  • Math -

    Clara is placing the library books in counting order on the shelves. She has books numbered 849, 853, 774,and 836. How will she put them on the shelves.

  • 3rd grade Shurley English -

    Show your new clubhouse in the backyard to nana and papa.

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