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Which of the following solutions would require the greatest volume of 1.0M NaOH for complete neturalization?
a)10.0ml of 1.0M HCl
b) " of 2.0 M H2S04
c) " of 3.0M H3P04
d) " of 4.0M H2C204

I don't understand what to do to solve it.

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    You need to know how many moles of H+ are generated from one mole of the acid, i.e. is the acid monoprotic, diprotic etc.

    You need to work out how many millimoles of H+ in each case and the one with the largest value will require the greatest volume of OH-.

    a) Monoprotic acid so number of millimoles of H+ is
    10.0x1.0=10 mmoles

    b)diprotic acid so numebr of millimoles of H+ is
    10.0 x 2.0 x 2 =40 mmoles


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    So would the answer be c because it has 3 times the H+?

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