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In this word problem, i really need help and advice on how to solve this. What should i be doing to answer this question?

Candy is being sold in two sizes. The original sizes uses a container of radius 2inces and will be sold for $4.99. A coworker suggests doubling the sizes to radius of 4inches and prices for the second size package. The cost of foil is $.015/inches squared. The cost of chocolate is $.02/inches squared. Cost of candy to fill the container is $.03/inches squared. All of the candy is sold to make atleast 50% profit
Explain if this is a good idea or not?


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    lot of redundant information here.

    The flaw is in the doubling of the radius and the price.

    doubling the radius would increase the area by a factor of 4, so the price should be increased 4 times the original.

    so, bad idea.

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