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Lily went for 8 rides at the county fair. Some rides were on the merry-go-round, and the rest were on the pirate ship. The total cost of all rides was $6.30. Each pirate ship ride cost $0.60, and each merry-go-round cost $0.90. How many pirate ship did Lily take?

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    X Rides on merry-go-round.
    Y Rides on pirate ships.

    Eq1: X + Y = 8 Rides.

    Eq2: 0.9X + 0.6Y = 6.30.
    Multiply Eq1 by -0.9:
    -0.9X - 0.9Y = - 7.20.
    0.9X + 0.6Y = 6.30.
    Add the Eqs and get:
    -0.3Y = -0.9,
    Divide both sides by -0.3:

    Y - 3 Pirate ship rides.

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