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The mole fraction of an aqueous solution of potassium perchlorate is 0.125. Assuming that the density of this solution is 1.20g mL-1, calculate the following:
(A) the mass percent of potassium perchlorate in the solution.

(B) the molarity of potassium perchlorate in the solution.

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    mole fraction KClO4 = 0.125 and mole fraction water = 0.875. If we take enough sample to have 1.00 total mol soln, we will have 0.125 moles KClO4 or 0.125 x molar mass KClO4 in grams. 0.875 moles H2O = 0.875 x molar mass water = grams water.
    grams soln = grams water + grams KClO4.
    mass % w/w = (mass KClO4 in grams/mass soln)*100

    b)Convert g KClO4 (in previous problem) to moles. moles = grams/molar mass.
    Use the density to convert g soln to L. Then M = moles/L of soln.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    Ok I got (A) to work out for me 52.4%

    but i'm stuck on (B)

    moles= grams/molar mass
    1.20g/138.547= 8.66x10^-3 ( this cant be right)

    then M = moles/L 8.66x10^-3/1.2x10^-3= 7.22

    I got 7.22 but the right answer is 4.53M

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