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given ab and its midpoint m. the coordinates of a are (-10,-3) and the coordinates of M are (-4,-1)

a. find the coordinates of B.
b. find the slope of am. c. find the slope that is perpendicular
d. find the slope that is parallel
e . write the equation of AM

answers. please check?

b. slope of am is 1/3
c. -3
d. 1/3
e. y=1/3x+b
plug in (-4,-1)
so y=1/3x+9?

  • slope algebra -

    let B(x,y) be the other point
    we know how to get the midpoint
    (x - 10)/2 = -4
    x-10 = -8
    x = 2

    (y+3)/2 = -1
    y+3 = -2
    y = -5

    coordinates of B are (2,-5)

    b) since the slope should be the same for BM , AB, and AM
    I will use the original values
    slope BM = -4/6 = -2/3
    (you will get the same answer for the others, don't know how you got 1/3)

    c) the slope of the perp. must be +3/2
    d) slope of parallel is -2/3

    e) since you slope is wrong, your answer is obviously wrong

    y = (-2/3)x + b
    (-4,-1) on it
    -1 = (-2/3)(-4) + b
    -1 = 8/3 + b
    b = -11/3

    y = (-2/3)x - 11/3

    BTW , you subbed the -4 in for the b instead of the x in your solution.

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