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Our teacher told us we had to do problems on our final on Delta G and S...?
all he said is we'd have to plug in numbers from a list and solve. but im very confused.

but the numbers he gave in the example are different from my book, is there soemthing we have to do to the numbesr before plugging it in?

calculate Delta S for
N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) --> 2NH3 (g) at 298 k

he said to do products-reactants

Delta S rxn = 2 (192.5) - 1 (91.6) - 3 (130.7) = -98.7

why does my book show different numbers, did he do something with the given K?

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    I think your prof just slipped a line or so when looking up the numbers. I used a set of tables at home and I found, within a tenth or two, the same thing for NH3 AND for H2, but N2 was different. My table shows 191.5 for N2. Be sure you are looking under the colum for S and not for G and H.

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