question about corrections(what they mean)

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ok. so this may be hard to explain and may not be enough info that you understand but ill try. I did a paper and my teacher corrected it and said changes i need to make. here is a clip from the paper of something that she commented on:

" Here are some examples. Hard Tack meant hard bread. Hard Tack was the primary food of the Union troops. But, It was difficult to eat because it was really hard so the soldiers would dip it in water first before consuming it."

my teacher commented saying "Trans" and underlined the first use of the word Hard Tack in the clip from about. I don't know what she was trying to say.

  • question about corrections(what they mean) -

    Each teacher has a different way of grading and this may be a short form meaning "translate" or "transition." The best way to get the best answer is to ask your teacher.


  • question about corrections(what they mean) -

    ok thanks:)

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