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Physics Last Question HEEEELLLPPP !

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#1 The internal energy of the gas in a gasoline engine’s cylinder decreases by 295 J. If 47.0 J of
work is done by the gas, how much energy is transferred as heat?

#2 If an ideal gas does work on its surroundings:
a. The internal energy of the gas increases
b. The volume of the gas decreases
c. The volume of the gas increases
d. The pressure of the gas increases

Btw , This Is Not Homework This Is A Study Guide For The Final Exam.

  • Physics Last Question HEEEELLLPPP ! -

    #1 change in U = Qin - Wout
    -295 = Qin -47
    Qin = -248 J, which means that 248 J heat was trasfered OUT.

    #2. Work done by a gas = P*(increase in V)

    What does that tell you?

    Is that your last question for today or forever?

  • Physics Last Question HEEEELLLPPP ! -

    So , It's An increase in pressure or volume ?

    And Just Today Because im doing a final review packet.

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