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Factor the following polynomials completely. How do you???
First question? 8x-4

Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to 2x-y=3, and passes through the point (-4,1)
The answer is -1/2x-1 ///how do you work it out to get the answer???

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    8x - 4
    = 4(2x-1)

    2nd question:
    slope of given line is 2, so the slope of the new line is -1/2

    new equation:
    y = mx + b
    1 = (-1/2)(-4) + b
    1 = 2 + b
    b = -1

    so y = (-1/2)x -1 is the new equation.

    (if their answer was -1/2x-1, then they used quite improper mathematical form)
    Furthermore, I am curious.
    Since you did not know how to factor such a fundamentally easy common factor question as your first question, how can you possibly handle the second type of question ?

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    Thanks, Oh o.k.

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