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The mean salary of the female employees of one company is $29,525. The mean salary of the male employees of the same company is $33,470. Can
the mean salary of all employees of the company be obtained by finding the
mean of $29,525 and $33,470? Explain your thinking. Under what conditions would the mean of $29,525 and $33,470 yield the mean salary of all employees of the company?

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    Your reasoning is valid only if the number of employees of males and females is the same.

    I will explain with a simple example:
    group A : 100,200,200,300
    average = sum/4 = 200

    group B = 50, 100,200,250
    avg = sum/4 = 150

    true average = total of all 8/8 = 175
    avg by taking the average of the two averages
    = (200+150)/2 = 175

    Now I will add another 200 to group A
    group A: 100,200,200,200,300
    avg = sum/5 = 200

    true average of all 9 is now
    = total of all 9 numbers/9 = 1600/9 = 177.8

    while with "your method" the anwer would still be 175

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