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In case you don't go back to your other post, I don't want you to miss what I wrote:

It's new terminology then because for over 70 years I have only heard as verb forms:
Seven Simple Tenses:
Present Indicative (Presente de Indicativo), Imperfect Indicative Imperfecto de Indicativo), Preterit Pretérito), Future (Futuro), Conditional (Potencial Simple), Present Subjunctive (Presente de Subjuntivo), Imperfect or Past Subjunctive (Imperfecto de Subjuntivo)

and for the Seven Compound Tenss:
Present Perfect or Past Indefinite (Perfecto de Indicativo), Pluperfect Indicative or Past Perfect (Pluscuamprfecto de Indicativo), Past Anterior or Preterit Perfect (Pretérito Anterior -or- Pretérito Perfecto), Future Perfect or Future Anterior Futuro Perfecto), Conditional Perfect (Potencial Compuesto), Present Perfect or Past Subjunctive (Perfecto de Subjuntivo), Pluperfect or Past Perfect Subjunctive (Pluscuamperfecto de Subjuntivo)

plus: Imperative or Command (which is not a tense but a mood)(Imperativo)

***Nowadays you can look and look and probably never see the Future Subjunctive or the Future Perfect Subjunctive use the present subjunctive or present indicative for the first and future perfect indicative or the present perfect subjunctive for the 2nd.

Just in case the Real Academia Española made a new ruling, I went to their "vigésima segunda edición" and here is the message when I enter that term:

La palabra pretérito imperfecto no está en el Diccionario.
Please consult with the person who posted your school website OR the publishers of the textbook where that term is found.


  1. whitney

    The teacher wont help me out at all. She only tells me to go back and review the lesson. I did. It don't work.

  2. SraJMcGin

    What textbook do you have? What lesson are you on? IF the teacher insists on terminology that does not exist (preterit imperfect) then is it in your textbook?

    You might just copy what I wrote above, explaining about the tenses, and hand it to her? Obviously that term is not there so just have her tell you WHERE TO SEE IT?

    I'm only to glad to help you, if I understand what you are to do. Why don't you "assume" for the moment that it IS for you decide whether to use the PRETERIT OR IMPERFECT, try the answers and I already have done that so I have them right here!


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