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A corporation has 30 shareholders holding 2900 shares. The founder of the company retains 50 % of the companies shares. The remaining shares are equally divided among his 29 grandchildren.

By the company's articles of incorporation, the voting weight for each partner is set by the number of shares they own. The by-laws also state that the quota for any decision affecting the by-laws themselves must be 1933 votes.

a. How many votes does each grandchild hold?

b. What is the voting weight for grandpa?

c. What is the most appropriate characterization for grandpa? ? dummy dictator veto power grumpy old man none of the above

d. What is the appropriate characterization for the grandkids? ? dummy dictator veto power none of the above

Remember for 30 shareholders there are possible coalitions. Do not attempt to calculate the following! Just think about the possibilities

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