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Consider the resonant frequencies of a 1.78 m tube closed at one end at 24°C.

a) Lowest resonant frequency = Hz

HELP: You know the length of the tube. What else do you need in order to calculate the frequency of the lowest resonance of a tube that's closed at one end?

HELP: How does the speed of sound in air depend on the temperature?

b) Frequency differences between successive higher resonances = Hz

HELP: You can calculate the frequencies of successive resonances. They are always the same distance apart, in Hz.

c) Number of higher resonances audible to the humans = (enter an integer)

HELP: 20 kHz is the highest frequency audible to the "normal" ear.

HELP: How many of the differences you calculated in part b) will fit between the lowest resonance and the highest normally audible frequency?

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    de rosunant in n3-m is 4

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