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Poem Contset!!

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There is a poem "contest" at my school and If I write a poem that's good it may go in a book! The only problem is I can't really write a GOOD poem. Can anyone post a site that may help Me?


  • Poem Contest!! -

  • Poem Contset!! -

    thanks and sorry i spelled it wrong.

  • Poem Contset!! -

    You're welcome. Good luck, Poet! :-)

  • english -

    I have a big dream

  • Poem Contset!! -

    here is mine, feel free to use it and please just mention that im the writer

    Be Myself. By Taylor Vanderploeg
    Challenge why I
    endure a lie
    What change in
    Me would bring.
    Some happiness
    Begin to ache
    And bleed a lie
    As I trudge in love.
    Eternity in me
    Change myself

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