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chem- plz check my work

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2. Given the following equation, C2H5OH(l) + 3 O2(g)---> 2 CO2(g) + 3 H2O(l)

How many liter of CO2 are expected in the combustion of 12.0 grams of ethanol?

My work:

12.0g C2H5OH X 1 mol C2H5OH/46.08g C2H5OH X 2 mol CO2/1 molC2H5OH X 22.4L CO2/1 mol CO2 = 11.7 L CO2

all i need to know is if the answre is correct

  • chem- plz check my work -

    I didn't check the math but the procedure is right. Good work.

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