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1. Explain the effects of the following factors on the relative reactivities of Sn1 and Sn2 reaction

a.Nature of the carbon skeleton(primary, secondary, tertiary)

b.Steric hindrance (primary vs hindered primary)

c)Nature of the leaving groups

d)Primary and tertiary vs allylic and benzylic

e)Aliphatic halides vs. alkenyl halide vs. aromatic halide

2. A plot of log k 1/T give s a straight line with the slope equaling to negative Ea/2 3R. Discuss the validity of plotting log t versus 1/T to produce a straight line with a slope equaling to positive Ea/2.3R

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    For number 2 you just have to make a graph of ln(t) in your x axis and 1-T as your y-axis where the T is temperature in Kelvins. You could get a "linear" equation from the graph (y=mx+b) so you take the M and set it eqaul to (Ea)/R....and R is 8.314jouls/mole.K and solve for Ea

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