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In a survey of 204 people, the following incomplete information was recorded relating gender to color-blindness:

Complete the table on a separate sheet of paper, then complete Parts (a) - (d). There are no required fill-ins within the table.

Color-Blind Not Color-Blind Total
Male ________ ________ 134
Female ________ 27 70
Total 115 89 204

Parts (a) - (d) deal with probability using the table. It is best to enter answers as fractions rather than decimals. It precludes the problems of rounding. Otherwise enter at least 6 decimal places.

A person is randomly selected. What is the probability that the person is:

(a) Female?

(b) Male or Color-blind?

(c) Female given that the person is not Color-blind?

(d) Color-blind given that the person is Male?

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