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A rectangular skating rink measuring 30m by 20m is doubled in area by adding a strip at one end of the rink and a strip fo the same width along one side of the rink. Find the width of the strips if the enlarged rink is still rectangular.

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    A = (30 + X) (20 + X) = 2(30 * 20),

    X^2 + 30X + 20X + 600 = 1200 m,
    X^2 + 50X + 600 = 1200,
    X^2 + 50X + 600 - 1200 = 0,
    X^2 + 50X - 600 = 0,
    Factor the Eq:
    (X - 10) (X + 60) = 0,
    X - 10 = 0,
    X = 10.

    X + 60 = 0,
    X = -60.

    Use the positive value of x:
    X = 10 m = width of strips added,

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