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1. Harry accidentally falls out of a helicopter that is traveling horizontally at 100 m/s. He plunges into the ocean below him 2.2 seconds later. How high above the ocean was the helicopter when Harry fell out?

Hiw far did Harry travel horizontally while falling?

3. Nicole is standing in a 20 m tall tower and throws a ball that travels 60 m horizontally across the ground. Assuming the ball is thrown in a perfectly horizontal direction, at what velocity did Nicole throw the ball?

4. Through "His Airness," Michael Jordan, was best known for having an incredible "hang time" when he jumped, 5'8" Spud Webb was actually the only player in the NBA who could stay in the air for longer than 1 second. If Spud stays in the air for 1 sec, how high did he jump?

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    I will be glad to critique your work.

    They all can be solved by using the equation for distance fallen vs time.

    You should know that equation by now.

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    I got -23.716 m and 220 m for the first one, the second I don't know how to do, and the third i got -4.9 m

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    i just want to make sure those answers are right.

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    For problem #3, calculate how long it takes to fall 20 m.

    60 m divided by that time will be the initial horizontal speed.

    Telling us what you got is not the same as showing your work.

    Your last answer is obviously wrong. A negative distance is not a jump, and no one can jump 4.9 meters.

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    Don't listen to drwls for #4. The answer is 5m/2. this is because you travel 5m in 1 second. So you jump and fall down. So it is 5m/2 and the answer is 2.5 m/s.

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