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Physics - Dynamics in two dimensions

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A sharpshooter shoots the bullet horizontally over level ground with a velocity of 300m/s. At the instant that the bullet leaves the barrel, its empty shell casing falls vertically and strikes the ground with a vertical velocity of 5m/s.

How far does the bullet travel?

  • Physics - Dynamics in two dimensions -

    is 153m the correct answer?

  • Physics - Dynamics in two dimensions -

    The fall time of the bullet is
    t = (5 m/s)/g = 0.510 s

    If you assume the bullet does not slow down, it travels 300 m/s * 0.510 s = 153 m

    So you are correct.

    The bullet actually will slow down somewhat due to aerodynamic drag, but neglecting the drag on bullets is not a bad assumption.

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