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Chemistry Cell notations

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Enter the balanced chemical equation including states that describes the electrochemical cell that is represented by the cell notation as shown.

Pt(s) l H2O(l) l O2(g) l H+(aq) ll H+(aq), Cr2O72-(aq), Cr3+(aq) l Pt(s)

  • Chemistry Cell notations -

    2H2O ==> O2 + 4H^+ 4e
    H^+ + Cr2O7^-2 + 6e ==> 2Cr^+3 + 7H2O

    You can add the phases. Check my work.

  • Chemistry Cell notations -

    Okay so the problem I had with this is like...I did't understand that when it was written say on the left of the double vertical line how you know

    H2O --> O2 + H+

    will it always be written in the order of how you write the reaction? or like could you also right it like

    O2 + H+ --> h2o

    or basically how do you know which species (H2), O2, and H+ are on the reactant/product side?

  • Chemistry Cell notations -

    also shouldn't it be the coefficient of H^+ in the second equation be 14?

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