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Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences I need to check.Thank you.

1)The Renaissance derived from the medieval background a general conception of order. The universal order was conceived in the forms of a chain of being and a cosmic dance.
2)The chain stretched from God to the lowest of inanimate objects. With his double nature of matter and spirit man had the unique function of linking together all creation, especially in the conflict between the passions and reason.
3)The idea of a cosmic dance was connected to the notion that the created universe was in a state of perpetual dance.
4)The whole universe was governed by God’s will; Nature was God’s instrument and the social hierarchy a product of nature. The monarch became the symbol of stability and unity.
5)In England the Reformation checked the spread of Humanism and delayed the Renaissance until the 16th century.
6)There is in fact a long interval between Italian and English Renaissance. Copernicus proved that the sun was at the centre with the earth and the other planets moving around it.
7)Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and took their wealth; the social charities such as schools and hospitals for the poor almost disappeared.

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