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Case study- Lola Langston decides to make it rich by forming a general partnership with her friend Irvine and opening up go-go dancing bars with females and males dancing on a stage in “skimpy” clothing. The first bar is in the town of Bugtussle and the second in the town of Sibley. Lola and Irvine later decide to open a third bar in the nearby town of Righteousville. Unfortunately, Righteousville is the home base of an organization called the Brothers of Truth and Fire. This religious organization has been regularly picketing the Righteousville location scaring away potential customers. The Brothers of Truth and Fire have no problem with the female dancers—in fact they often visit the Sibley location on a night when only females are dancing; however, they don’t like the fact that groups of females are going to the bars and watching male dancers. They claim that “All women who watch such sinful displays instead of being at home taking care of their loving husbands will surely burn in a lake of fire.” The Brothers also stand in front of the bar with cameras threatening to photograph anyone that goes into the bar. Potential male and female customers have been scared away and the bar is losing so much money that the entire chain has been placed in financial jeopardy. Lola and Irvine signed a partnership agreement stating that they would work together for 2 years. Irvine manages the clubs and Lola acts as the “creative genius.” Irvine claims that all of the publicity is hurting his reputation as a Bugtussle city councilman and wants to call it quits after only 10 months. Irvine comes to you and asks in what way (if any) he can leave the partnership which he believes is going to go broke.

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