word processing part 2

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It has to be 8 sentences, Can someone help me out and correct me?

Alcohol (ethanol) impairs your judgment and depending on your size and tolerance, you can do some substantial damage. When you are behind the wheel, it is your responsibility just as much as the other cars when on the road to be as cautious and safe as possible. You are not only putting your own life in danger but many others also. The best way to bring to an end to drunk driving is to necessitate more rigorous consequences for any person caught drinking and driving. The fines ought to be a good deal higher and their license should be eradicated after the 3rd allegation. The contemporary legal limit should be lowered to at least 0.5 to be on the safe side. A designated driver is basically a person who consents not to drink alcohol and be held accountable for driving others home.

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