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child care

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children with special needs should

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    What are your choices?

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    a. be directed to lower age-level activities
    b. have little interaction with others.
    c. be directed to appropriate age-level and developmental activities.
    d, have stricter discipline.

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    i think is c?

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    Absolutely right!

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    The question is horribly flawed. We don't know WHAT the special needs are.

    If you look at answer "c," there is a question of what "appropriate" means. Appropriate for whom?

    Surely, a child who has severe special needs and is years behind maturity and ability level should not necessarily be given certain activities that are considered age/developmentally appropriate for others.

    However, if it's developmentally and age appropriate for THIS CHILD, then that is the right answer.

    The biggest problem is that "special needs" are not defined here. Special needs covers a HUGE range, from minor problems to very challenging diagnosis.

    "B" is certainly wrong. "D" might be OK for certain special needs and depending on what the stricter discipline is, but it's not enough to make that a blanket statement.

    "A" and "C" both seem like reasonable answers depending on the special need itself. A person who has mental retardation might need lower age-level activities, while this wouldn't necessarily be appropriate to a child with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).

    I agree that "C" IS the best choice, given the right definitions to each term, as I pointed out before. I'd raise these points to your teacher and argue that this question should be thrown out entirely.

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