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an empty rectangle tank with a base area of 2400 cm^2 is filed with water from 2 taps. one tap can fill the tank with 12L of water per minute, while the other tap can do it at 3l less perminute.

(A) what will be the depth of water in the tank after both taps are turned on for 6 minutes?

(B) if water leaks frome the tank at a rate of 2L per minute for 6 minutes, what will be the depth of water in the tank?

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    in 6 minutes the first tap will fill (12)(6) or 72 L
    in the same 6 minutes the 2nd tap will fill (9)(6) or 54 L
    for a total of 126 L
    This is equal to 126 000 cm^3 (ahh, the beauty of the metric system)

    volume of tank = area of base x height
    = 2400h
    = 126000
    h = 52.5 cm

    During our 6 minutes we lost (2)(6) or 12 L
    or 12000 cm^3
    so 2400h = 126000 - 12000
    h = 47.5 cm

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