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A gas is taken though a single process in which its volume decreases by .25 m^3 as the temp of the gas rises 2deg C. Which of the following people are more likely to have reached the correct conclusion?

a. Bob Identifies this process as adiabatic
b. Jill identifies this process as isothermal
c. Charles identifies this process as isovolumetric
d. Mary thimks that bob,jill, and charles are probably all incorrect, bu she needs more information to be certain

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    I know for sure that the answer is not B or C since the volume increases and the temperature increases, however i am having a hard time understanding the definition of an adiabatic process and how to determine if there is any heat lost to the atmosphere. I am pretty sure the answer is D however i cannot disprove the answer from being A. I would appreciate anyone else's thought's on this to help me understand better.

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    I believe you are correct...go with your instinct.

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